Jorn is a jong talented DJ and Producer

Jorn (17) is a young DJ who started spinning the decks when he was only 8 years old. 

At 11 he played at festivals like Genk on stage,

later he works up to bigger festivals and events like the big bounce, Tomorrowland’s special event and another stages.

Jorn doesn't only provide the beats, he writes also his own tracks.

In 2016 he produced the music for an Belgium TV program and later for a book. 

In 2018 he singed his first track in Amerika.

The young DJ stil works on new musical projects together with some famous people like the winner of the voice.

He like’s to create his own music, mashups and remixes to take it after in his live sets. 

The DJ wil be take you to his own musical style.

If you should run into Jorn on stage, you're in for a blast!




Genk on stage festival

Tomorrowland’s special event

Resident VTM (Belgium TV)

Maze festival

Yourin festival

The big bounce festival

And more…



Versuz (TOP 100 DJ MAG CLUB)


The villa

Di mare (Spain)


Contact Jorn

Contact Jorn